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Our Valves for Control of Flow and Pressure

SINGER VALVES - Water distribution and Sewage Pressure Relief Valves

Why Singer Valves on water distribution and Sewage Pressure Relief

  1. High Performance Models offered from 1/2 inch to 36 inch in size providing
  2. Anti-cavitational Control - AC model​
  3. Pressure Reducing to constant lower distribution pressure - PR & AC
  4. Pressure Reducing and Flow Control - PFC
  5. Pressure Reducing with Integral Back-Up - PR-SM
  6. Level Control - one way or two way Flow Altitude Control  A1 &  A2 
    ​Float Modulating and Non-Modulating to balance in-flow F4 & F5
  7. Pump Control - Booster Pump Control BPC & PG-BPC prevents surges associated with starting and stopping of pumps
  8. Deep Well Pump Control -  DW & DWX discharges air and silt to waste and prevents surges
  9. Pressure Control -  PR, PPR-C, PR-48 & PR-R reduces downstream pressure regardless of upstream pressure or flow.             
    ​An added  check valve on the PPR-C prevents reverse flow
  10. Flow Control RF, HC, EF limits the flow to preset maximum, HC permits one way flow only and offers adjustable closing speeds,            
    ​EF valve will shut off tightly when flow is exceeded and prevents water loss in pipe system in event of break
  11. Relief, Sustaining, Surge Control RPS, RPS-L&H, RPS-RR, RPS-D & RPS-SC these valves are designed to relieve excess            
    ​pressures dues to surges in a system
  12. Sewage Pressure Relief Valve DL direct acting spring loaded relief valve, opens when inlet exceeds set point and closes drip            
    tight when pressure falls below set point.            
    ​Electronic Control of all above functions and complete control systems pre-assemble

TESCOM CORP - Regulators

Why use Tescom?

  1. High accuracy pressure control with self regulating products
  2. Pressure Regulators and Back Regulators controlling from inches to 20,000 Psig
  3. ER-5000 offers control loading of the regulator to eliminate droop and provide precise downstream pressure settings in milliseconds.
  4. Manual on/off valves and tough air loaded on/off valves for high pressure & tight shut off