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Pressure of Gases, Liquids and Designs Complying with Sanitary, High Purity and Digital configurations


Flow of Liquids, Gases, Solids, Plug Chute Detection, Open Channel Flow


Level of Solids & Liquids, Float & Ultrasonic, RF Impedance, Nuclear, Magnetostriction


Control Valves, Self-Contained Regulators, Discs, Diaphram, Pinch, Manual and Solenoids

Heaters and Systems:

Resistive Heaters, Inductive Heating, Electric Hot Oil, Steam & Gas Fired Systems

Signal Processing:

Isolators, Signal convertors, Math Transmitters, Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet I/O, Sequence Event Recorders, Annunciators


Non-Contact Infrared Thermometry, Temperature Controllers, SCR Power Controllers

Gas & Fire Detection, Flame Arresting Devices:

Combustion and Toxic Gases, Flame Detection, Flame & Detonation Arrestors, Conservation Vents

On-Line Analyzers:

pH and Conductivity, Lab and on-line Streaming Current Monitors, Particle Counters and Monitors, Density & Viscosity, Total Suspended Solids, Dissolved  Oxygen, Vibration

Emission Monitoring:

In-Situ Oxygen, CO, SO2, NO, NO2, NH3, HF, HCL, TRS, H2S

Product For Specific Industries:

Chemical Industry Pulp & Paper, Power Utilities, Water and Waste Water.  General Industrial Manufacturers

Manufacturers Represented:

Distribution Products (HECO):

High Pressure Regulators, Temperature Control Units, SCR Power Control, Heaters, Control Valves, Level & Pressure Products


Water Environment Federation, Instrument Society Association, International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering, Manufacturers Agent National Association