Information on our Flow Measurements:

AW FLOW METERS - Positive Displacement Flow meters-

Why use a PD meter?

  1. Designed to maintain accuracy despite the liquids changing viscosity conditions
  2. No straight run required
  3. Well suited for measurement of oil, grease, fuel, solvents, polyurethanes, brake fluid, paints, adhesives, sealants and resins
  4. Provide electronics for ratio control and batch along with flow and total

Smart Measurement  

offers the Micro-Bend Coriolis Meter ,Delta-Tubed Coriolis Meter ,U-Tubed Coriolis Meter

What is it and why should I consider using?

  1. The meter consists of tubes vibrating at a specific frequency. A bend or twist occurs when fluid flows through the tube. This twist is measured an according to Newton's second Law of Motion, the amount of sensor tube twist is directly proportional to the mass flow rate of fluid flowing through the tube.
  2. Coriolis contain no moving parts to be replaced
  3. No need to recalibrate for different process fluids
  4. Provides mass flow, density, temperature and volumetric flow
  5. Price is right at less than $3000 up to flows of 13.5 GPM or 50,000 gram

Smart Measurement 

Portable flow systems Ultrasonic Flow Meters and others noted below

EASTECH FLOW CONTROLS - Ultrasonic meters-

Why should I consider using these flow meter products?

The VANTAGE 2200 generates and reads sound waves that are being bounced off of a fluid in an open channel and based on the configuration of the channel (flume, weir or flow nozzles) will provide the Influent or Effluent flow and total flow.

The VANTAGE 3000 and 4000 are transit time flow meters that measure the time difference in two ultrasonic sensor signals and utilizes a phase shift detection system which enhances accuracy of the readings. The VANTAGE 3000 is for continuous on-line and the VANTAGE 4000 is for portable use.

The ACCURON 7100, 7200 and 7400 are designed to measure flow in pipes where the flow is only partial, up to submerged flow or flow in an open sewer during a storm event or blockage in a line

Advantage of this technology?

  1. No moving parts to measure flow in an open channel  
  2. VANTAGE 3000 and 4000 do not need to penetrate into the pipe for flow measurements
  3. Partially filled pipes and very low flows (ACCURON 7100, 7200 AND 7400)
  4. Easy installation verses the conventional flume
  5. VANTAGE 4000 provides a means of portable measuring flows in sealed pipes


Why use a V-CONE® meter?

  1. No straight run required
  2. Turn down can be as good as 20 to one in flow
  3. Linear signal down to 7000 Reynolds numbers and repeatable to 500 Reynolds number
  4. Can always be built longer than the design if you have a flanged pipe section so as to avoid extra welding and cutting
  5. The V-Cone forces the liquid into a flat flow profile, and the sensing ports will stay clean.
  6. The V-Cone can be mounted right after an elbow without any loss of accuracy
  7. The V-Cone will accurately provide a steady signal down to .1 inch WC differential
  8. The V-Cone can be built from 1/2 inch in size to any larger pipe size that you need

V-Cone "Seeing is Believing" Video-  McCrometer's V-Cone conditioning effect removes swirl and potential metering uncertainty. 

Click below to watch the video.


A magnetic meter that can be used for:

  1. Waste water and water lines from 2 inch to 48 inch
  2. The meter has the ability of measuring down to .2 feet per a second (most mags are able only to get to .6 feet per a second)
  3. Has a unique Ultra liner that allows the meter to be used on the suction side of a pump

McCROMETER – 395L FPI (Full Pipe Insertion) 

Click on the picture to see the 395L FPI installation and how the sensor measures flow


A Multiple measuring point meter that can be used for:

  1. Potable and chilled water from line sizes of 6 to 120 inches
  2. Installation is a hot tap insertion and with multiple sensors on one bar spans the entire pipe and compensates for shifting profiles providing a 1% accuracy.
  3. Streamline sensor shape minimizes flow disturbances and provides minimal pressure drop.

McCROMETER – Insertion Mag Meter Model 282L SPI (Single Pipe Insertion)

A single Mag meter Insertion sensor can be used to measure flow in:

  1. Waste Water and Water, Industrial flow processes, pulp stock, chemical laden flow
  2. The sensor can provide excellent accuracy because of the profiling of the flow on site.
  3. The hot tap installation makes this an economical solution on large pipes but also smaller pipe installation saves time and piping changes 
  4. The Model 282L can be used from line sizes 4 to 96 inches.

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RONAN - RLL Belt Weighing & Plug Chute detection

Arlyn Scales

​​Arlyn Scales with the Surface Acoustic Wave Technology having a resolution of .002pound on a 200-pound scale can provide you with 1/5 of 1% accuracy in measuring the mass of product being transferred.  Click on "Arlyn Scales" and learn more about the new technology offering 10times the accuracy of standard load cells.