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Emissions Monitoring Systems

  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (IntelliCEMS)
  • Mercury CEMS 
  • Laser Opacity Monitors
  • Gas Analyzers
  • Gas Sensors
  • Gas Detection Systems

Process Dust Analyzers

  • Dumo - Ambient Dust Analyzer
  • S300 - Dust Analyzer for Trend & Emissions Monitoring
  • Snifter A1+ - Broken Bag Detection Dust Analyzer


Delta offers the Zircomat Oxygen Analyzer which one sensor is used to detect Oxygen at any extension into the boiler with temperatures up to 2900 deg f.

Procal 5000 In-Situ sensor using a UV source can measure multiple gases such as TRS,H2S,NOX,NH3,CL2, to name a few.

Pulsi 200LR In-Situ IR source can analyze up to 6 gases at the same time such as Hydrogen Chloride, CO, NO2, NO, Hydrogen Fluoride, CO2, SO2 just to name a few of the gases that can be measured with the Pulsi 200LR.