W. K. HILE COMPANY, INC. provides manufacturer's representation in North Carolina and South Carolina. Hile Equipment Company, or HECO, is a distributor division which stocks products and provides packaging service for our clients.

Founded in 1955, our corporate focus is the sales and support of technical instrumentation, which requires engineering expertise. Our staff of sales engineers meets this criteria, two of whom are PE's.

Our success is also related to the longevity and continuity of our workforce, some members of whom have been with us for many years. A stable sales force has allowed us to cultivate long-term relationships with key customers in the utility, chemical, pharmaceutical, municipal and industrial areas.

The educational background, experience, and resultant expertise of the founder, Bill Hile has defined our focus (temperature sensing and control, heat transfer, gas and liquid flow, mass flow, and process control) for almost 60 years.

Our Sales Engineering Staff:

Kirk Hile - President and CEO covering the coastal region of South Carolina and the eastern region of North Carolina from Winston Salem east.  A BSMS graduate of the Florida Institute of Technology and has been in sales for W. K. Hile Company Inc. for 40 years.

Larry Osborne- Eastern North Carolina, is a graduate of Duke University BS Engineering.​

Ali Hosseini - Inside & Systems Sales Engineer, is a BSEE graduate of UNCC, and has been with us for 30 years.

John Rutledge - Sales Engineer NC/SC.

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W. K. Hile Company, Inc.